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Grade A Yorkstone Paving Makeover

Our Grade reclaimed grade A Yorkstone flags are well known not just throughout Yorkshire but through the whole of the UK. Yorkstone is perfect for paving and is used widely throughout London too, in fact, a lot of London and City of London paving is done in Yorkshire stone as its so durable and looks fantastic.

In this project in Yorkshire our customer is using our Grade A Yorkshire Stone Flags for their patio area along with the gothic style planters.

Here at Abacus Stone Sales, we supply our flagstones throughout the UK and help homeowners and business owners realise their patio and outside flag potential with stone that only makes the grade. You won’t get anything less than the best Yorkshire has to offer with us and our pictures tell the story.



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Royal Chelsea Flower Show Winners

Further to our announcement of Abacus Stone Sales reclaimed and new stone being used in the overall winner at last years Royal Chelsea Flower Show we have been provided with a video to show you how our magnificent Yorkshire stone helped the judges sway to this wild Yorkshire garden.

Have a look at the video below, we love it and know you will too!


Using Abacus Stones Grade A Flagstones

We are well known for our grade A flagstones throughout the UK, our Yorkshire stone flags are always of the highest quality and once laid properly will last a lifetime and more. Here at Abacus we believe Yorkshire stone is so unique and beautiful that it will always add value to your property and as a result will also keep your home strong and durable no matter what the weather brings.

Check out some of the Yorkshire stone flags from our Yorkshire quarry in Honley below, just look how stunning they look in the summer sun.

As you can see the Yorkshire stone is so distinct in nature compared to other types of stone like Bath Stone or the Scottish stone you see in and around Edinburgh. Light in colours and weathers darker in the rain, its also very grainy too so perfect for walking on to ensure non slip. If you are thinking of your next project and want to know more about the advantages of using either reclaimed stone or new stone then speak to a member of our team today or come visit our quarry over in Honley West Yorkshire.

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The Yorkshire Garden – 1st In Royal Chelsea Garden Show!

Well Yorkshire reigns supreme at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in London. On a beautiful warm spring day The Yorkshire Garden looked stunning and was so well designed that you could be forgiven for thinking you were in stunning Yorkshire Dales.

In helping the Yorkshire Garden win the top spot, we were asked to supply some of our natural Yorkstone Flags and reclaimed natural weathered stone from our local quarry in Honley West Yorkshire.

For the event we supplied different types of natural and reclaimed stone from the event.

Chelsea flower show stone by Abacus

The Yorkshire Garden in full force in the beautiful sunshine

We supplied the following stone:

  • Most of the stone not the field wall
  • The flag stones on the path
  • Reclaimed stone for the bridge
  • The window lintels
  • The roof slates
  • The stone ridges on the roof
  • The quoins up the corners
  • And some of the drystone walling

Our Yorkshire stone has long been regarded as the best Yorkshire stone with natural quarries in the stunning countryside of West Yorkshire that is synonymous with this county. Adding our Yorkstone to this project really brought an authentic feel to garden which helped the florists in creating the ultimate Yorkshire Garden and as proud Yorkshire folk we are over the moon that we came 1st!

Well done to all involved!

If you want to read more about the event, please click the button below to visit the page.




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Californian Home Completed Using Yorkshire Stone From Abacus

You might remember from our earlier post where a customer of ours Scott Wilson sourced the finest Yorkshire stone and Yorkstone Flags for paving their Californian home to bring a touch of Yorkshire to the West Coast of the USA.

Well Scott has been kind enough to send over the completed pictures of his Californian paving and we think the Mexican masons have done a fantastic job.

Scott wrote:

Hello Allan,

Following up on my earlier email I thought you would appreciate seeing how we used the remainder of the Yorkstone pavers at our home project.

Happy as we were with the front walkway and the smaller pavers, we had no idea of the impact of using the larger pavers for the patio on the north side of the house. The courses ranged from 18″- 26″ and at the recommendation of a more experienced mason, we decreased the joint size slightly due to the near-perfect squareness of the pavers.  The net result was a more monolithic sweep of stone that seems like it has been in place for years.  We so loved the look and feel of the large pavers that we used the leftovers to extend the stone stairs at the north with in-ground courses that transition to a gravel terrace beyond.

We finished the work just in time for our son’s wedding and the guests at the reception were all praising the wonderful feel and look of the Yorkstone.  I am grateful to have found your company and its fine products and wish you continued success.

With best regards,

Scott Wilson AIACalifornian Homeowner

Please feel free to scroll through the images to grab some inspiration for your next paving project, here at Abacus we deliver our stone worldwide and have the best selection of reclaimed and new stone from Yorkshire available and can cut and press to your requirements.

As you can see this Californian home is the talk of the town and is definitely unique, but we are seeing more and more homes around the world using Yorkstone for their paving projects with it being so unique and weathers beautifully. You can really tell the difference when you see real natural Yorkshire stone no matter whether it’s reclaimed or new building stone.

For more information on our huge array of Yorkshire stone from our own quarries here in Honley Yorkshire speak to a member of our team today!

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5 imaginative uses for Yorkstone


Yorkstone’s natural durability and beautiful appearance has made it one of the most popular construction materials and a preferred choice for houses, driveways and public spaces across the UK.

It is also a highly versatile material that can be used to give your home and garden a unique, characterful feel. The possibilities, from fireplaces to water features, are endless and below are just a few ideas to kick-start your imagination.

Garden terrace

Reclaimed Yorkstone flags are the perfect material for creating a rustic looking feature in any garden. In this example, Cheshire-based Topia Garden Design used them to make a terrace area for seating and raised beds.

Dry stone wall raised beds

Dry stone walling isn’t just for farms and it can add a real touch of style in gardens. Here, London-based The Garden Builders have used it to create raised beds around a Yorkstone patio.

Garden seat

Wirral-based Native Landscape Design created this bench from walling stone and flags, with the finished seat both practical and an eye-catching feature. As it’s Yorkstone, you can be sure it will outlive any wooden or plastic garden furniture by many years.

Door step

You don’t need a grand porch to make a feature of the entrance to your home, as this simple but attractive door step created by Gardens Galore of Perthshire demonstrates.

Roof terrace

If you are lucky enough to have a property big enough for a roof terrace, Yorkstone flags are the ideal choice to give it some character, as Janet Bligh Garden Designs of Hampshire did here.

Whatever you want it for, Abacus Stone Sales can help you to find the right reclaimed Yorkstone for your project. Call us at the yard on 07711 997026 or contact us via info@abacus-stone-sales.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Using Yorkstone Flagstones Indoors For Homes & Conservatories

Whether you are carrying out a renovation project, or you’re planning to build your dream home, if you want to create a look that is truly unique, using reclaimed Yorkstone flags for your indoor flooring could be perfect.

Here are some reasons to consider flagstones for your indoor flooring:

  • Because they are made of an aged natural material, when you opt for reclaimed, no two flagstones will look exactly the same. Being exposed to the elements will create a different impression on each individual stone.And when you choose flags that are different in tone and size for your floors, they will create a truly unique and visually interesting design that suits both country style and modern homes alike.
  • Reclaimed Yorkstone flags will be supplied already aged, and their appearance will only improve with time, meaning you don’t need to worry about changing your flooring again.
  • Flagstones can help keep a room at a consistent temperature. They are typically cool to the touch, so they keep temperatures down during the summer, but they also conduct heat well. If you have underfloor heating in your kitchen or bathroom, Yorkshire stone flags work particularly well with this so they will keep your floors comfortable and warm, even on colder days.
  • Yorkshire stone is incredibly hardwearing and can last for hundreds of years. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you also use reclaimed flagstones for your patio or garden path, it can create a beautiful, seamless transition between your living space and garden and invite the outside in.

Abacus Stone Sales are a leading supplier of high quality, reclaimed Yorkshire stone. Take a look at our range of reclaimed flagstones, give us a call on 07711 99 70 26 or email us at info@abacus-stone-sales.co.uk.


Abacus Stone Sales Deliver Yorkstone Paving to California

Abacus Stone Sales were delighted to have supplied our Yorkshire stone paving for a home renovation project in Ojai, California.

The Yorkstone flags were shipped to California in November of last year for use creating an outdoor walkway and large patio area. The flagstones are being installed by local stonemasons.

Our satisfied customer said: “The Yorkstone arrived safely and looks superb in its new home.. The surfaces, textures and colors are far beyond my expectations – very rustic and full of character.

We used the smaller (9 – 16″) stones to make courses for the front walkway and will use the larger stones on a 1000 sq ft patio area on the other side of the house.”

The photos below show the progress of the front garden walkway after floating, grouting and the installation of the field rock border.

If you’re planning a home or garden renovation project, call Abacus Stone Sales on 07711 99 70 26 or email us at info@abacus-stone-sales.co.uk and we’ll help you find the perfect stone for your project, wherever you are in the world.

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Building Stone Delivered at Short Notice for Home Renovation Project

We recently supplied our building stone to a customer who needed to change the stone she was using for her new extension at short notice.

After realising that the stone she had planned to use didn’t match her home, she turned to Abacus Stone Sales. We spent time with her to find out exactly what she was looking for and talk her through the different stone options we had available for her to choose from.

Looking at the existing stonework on our customer’s house, and at others nearby, we found a stone that fit in well. The building project is now underway, and the end result will be an extension that sits naturally alongside the rest of the home.

abacus stone for home extension

“Thank you very much for the stone that you organised for our extension. I really appreciate the speed of your response when I had an urgent need to change the stone, and for the time you took to talk me through the options and show me examples on nearby properties.

“Thank you for your patience answering my questions in the days following, and the care taken to try to best match the stone to our house. It has made a big difference to my enjoyment of our building project to have stone that I feel fits better with the original house. 

“Thank you also for allowing us to trade in the stone that we already had as this made changing the stone far more financially viable.  And thanks again for your delivery man’s hard work too. It really has been much appreciated!”

If you’re planning an extension, barn conversion or other home renovation, call Abacus Stone Sales on
07711 99 70 26 or email us at info@abacus-stone-sales.co.uk and we’ll help you find the perfect stone to suit your project.

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5 Inspiring Uses of Dry Stone Walls in the Garden

Dry stone walls are a classic feature of any garden design. They’re durable, wildlife friendly, and a natural fit in any style of garden. So whether you live in a country cottage or a contemporary, minimalist home, using a stone wall can transform your space.

1. Raised plant beds

stone used for asian garden

Using a short stone wall along the length of a path to raise your plant beds will allow plants to grow above and over the walkway to create a more natural, overgrown effect. Whitmores, based in New York, used trees and grasses in raised beds along a twisting gravel path to add a sense of mystery to this Japanese inspired garden.

2. Separate seating areas

traditional garden stone

Stone walls can also be used to separate seating areas from the rest of the garden. Llama Group of Cheshire used reclaimed dry stone walling to build this contemporary sunken patio; providing shelter and privacy.

3. Secret gardens

rustic garden stone

If the size of your space allows for it, creating a ‘secret garden’ can be a beautiful and inspiring way to use reclaimed dry stone. Slater Associates built these faux ruins to hide the rustic, secluded area from the rest of the garden.

4. Feature ponds

mediterranean garden stone

Your pond can easily be transformed into a striking feature by using a stone wall, like the above from Claudia De Yong Garden Design in Sussex. The use of a natural stone wall and understated waterfall feature create a romantic atmosphere in this Mediterranean inspired garden.

5. Front garden boundaries

country garden stone usage

On top of using a wall as a feature in your back garden, a wall can also be used more traditionally as a boundary around your front garden. Instead of using a wooden fence or hedge, a wall adds privacy as well as an element of interest to this often forgotten part of the home. Honor Holmes Garden Design used a brick wall beautifully in this modern country style home in Battersea.

Are you feeling inspired to create your dream garden?

Whatever style you choose, give us a call on 07711 99 70 26 and we can provide all the new or reclaimed stone you need to create your perfect garden.

Or, if you’re still looking for more ideas on how you could use dry stone walls in your garden, read our previous blog post for further inspiration.