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The RHS Royal Chelsea flower show

The work has begun, the very first piece of stone getting cut for this year’s welcome to Yorkshire garden at The RHS Royal Chelsea flower show 21st May 2019. The count down has started, This show takes 1000s of man hours and weeks of hard work to achieve a finished show garden. Stay tuned in for […]


Stunning Grade A Yorkshire Stone Flags Laid

We recently supplied some beautiful grade A Yorkshire stone paving to DS Landscapes run by David Swaley, check out the images below of the way they have mixed and matched the stone perfectly. People call it Yorkshire stone flags, Yorkstone flags or York Stone – either way it doesn’t matter, there are reclaimed and new […]


Make 2019 Your Yorkshire Stone Year!

Wow, it’s been hot the last few days which is unheard of for February, this time last year it was -4 degrees and we were shovelling through snow in the quarries, but this year is a different story. We wanted to tell you all about the Yorkshire stone flags we have ready to go from […]

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Grade A Yorkstone Paving Makeover

Our Grade reclaimed grade A Yorkstone flags are well known not just throughout Yorkshire but through the whole of the UK. Yorkstone is perfect for paving and is used widely throughout London too, in fact, a lot of London and City of London paving is done in Yorkshire stone as its so durable and looks […]

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Royal Chelsea Flower Show Winners

Further to our announcement of Abacus Stone Sales reclaimed and new stone being used in the overall winner at last years Royal Chelsea Flower Show we have been provided with a video to show you how our magnificent Yorkshire stone helped the judges sway to this wild Yorkshire garden. Have a look at the video […]


Using Abacus Stones Grade A Flagstones

We are well known for our grade A flagstones throughout the UK, our Yorkshire stone flags are always of the highest quality and once laid properly will last a lifetime and more. Here at Abacus we believe Yorkshire stone is so unique and beautiful that it will always add value to your property and as a […]


A Guide to the Most Sustainable Building Stone

So, let’s talk about building for a minute. Now, when you’re creating something, you’ve got to look at what makes good material. People often debate what the optimal construction supplies are, and it can cause a lot of problems. You don’t want to use inferior quality materials in your builds because they often lead to […]

Benefits of Using Reclaimed Stone on New Build Projects

New buildings are considered to be a sign of progress. They represent the future and all its potential. This symbolism often means that people will instinctively work with exclusively new materials. However, this is not always the best way to do things. Sometimes, it is more advisable to work with reclaimed stone on your projects. […]